The Best Laptop Buying Guide in 2021

The Best Laptop Buying Guide in 2021

7 essential tips you should know before purchasing a laptop

Today we are going to know the best laptop buying guide. Before purchasing a laptop everyone should know these essential tips. From the office to home, school, college, business, the use of laptops is increasing day by day. With the rapid changes in technology, buying the right laptop is very important for you. Otherwise, after a few months, your laptop may not be able to execute the latest application perfectly. But many of us do not know which laptop would be right for us to buy. That's why most of the time we fail to pick the right laptop. There are so many different laptops available to buy these days that it can be incredibly difficult to find the perfect option for your needs. For this reason, I am going to suggest to you the best laptop buying guide.

  • RAM
  • Processor
  • Storage Type
  • Graphics Card
  • Screen Quality
  • Keyboard Quality
  • Battery


RAM ensures smooth multi-tasking. Standard users should have 4GB of RAM in one slot but 8GB is the most recommended RAM that a laptop should have. This can be upgraded anytime Businesses, professionals, and Engineering students should have 8GB which can be upgraded to16GB. Remember some business series laptop comes with fixed RAM and in this case, it cannot be upgraded.


Processor is an important component to choose because the processor in a laptop defines its capability. Intel and AMD processors are available right now. Most of the laptops come with an Intel or AMD CPU. Intel processor is very popular. AMD has compatible performance in a lower price range. I personally prefer Intel processor, you can go for an AMD chip based on your usage. If you are a professional, I will suggest you to choose the Intel Core i5 generation processor. If your budget is high you can choose Core i7.


More RAM allows for more applications to be run at the same time, and help to access data quickly. More storage is always better for a device. Nowadays 1TB hard disk drive (HDD) is quite common. However, with the advancement of smaller lightweight laptops and solid-state drive (SDD) are more popular. It runs almost 10 times faster than HDD. (HDD + SDD) also popular among Engineering students, designers, and professionals for greater flexibility. The SDD is faster but many times come with lesser storage. So, Remember that to consider storage as per your requirement while buying a laptop.


Graphics card works well for gaming, video editing, basic photo editing, etc. But for heavy gaming or video editing, a dedicated video card with at least 4GB VRAM is required. Remember you can't upgrade the laptop graphics card in future so your decision is very important. If your laptop is not capable of heavy graphics then a dedicated card will waste some of your money.


It's completely up to you. Find what you're comfortable with and select it. Before purchasing be sure to consider overall size and portability. Most laptop sizes run anywhere between 11 and 17 inches and most people choose 15.6".I think 15.6" is an ideal size for a laptop. A larger screen is ideal for watching movies, gaming, photo, or video editing. Keep in mind, a bigger screen size means the laptop will be heavier, so if you're looking for portability, I always recommend you stay in-between 11 and 14 inches. IPS screen is much better,better-quality laptop screens use IPS (in-plane switching) technology which offers better viewing angles and more vibrancy than standard TN (twisted nematic) panels. Full HD(1920x1080)pixel resolution should be considered the minimum if you want plenty of space to line up windows and keep things in view. If your budget is high then you can choose the modern laptop, it offers 4K resolutions.


For longer typing sessions, you’ll need to get a laptop that has a comfortable keyboard. If your laptop keyboard is not good then sometimes you have to face an embarrassing situation. Be sure the keyboard is also backlit. backlist keys make it much easier to see what you're typing in dark or low light environments. Choose a laptop whose keyboard has a comfortable layout with full-sized keys and some space around the arrow keys.


I think without a good battery, your laptop is only as good as a desktop system. So the battery is a very important component for every laptop. Your laptop should at least give 4-6 hours of battery life.8 hours of battery is considered good.

Some best-quality laptop battery:

  • Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH)
  • Lithium-Ion (Li-ion)

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